The capital of the Republic of Croatia, the administrative, political, business and academic center, is a city that offers multiple cultural events and possibilities of entertainment.

The city evolved out of two medieval settlements, mentioned as early as 11th and 13th century and the remains of which have been preserved to this day. Today, the population of the city is approximately 800,000. The average temperature is 20 oC in summer and 1 oC in winter.

Zagreb is marked by the old city core of Gornji grad (Upper Town) and the lively streets of the city center, the river Sava and Medvednica Mountain that rises in the background landscape of the city. The green surfaces are in abundance and the outdoor markets are appealing to tourists.

Multiple cultural events take place throughout the year and there is an interesting shopping offer.

The airport is located 17 km from the city center with regular transportation lines to the center. The city railway and bus stations are located in the very center of the city and can be reached by car through main roads that connect Central Europe and South Europe, or Western and Eastern Europe.    Send article as PDF