“CroMedical Network” is a common tourist agency in its nature, but on the other hand it is also a highly specialized project, designed by a group of medical professionals – highly qualified experts with years of experience in public and private health institutions. Medical network is different from other travel agencies. We are focused on health tourism and our main advantage over other agencies is that we gather only professionals in medicine and tourism with interdisciplinary approach in dealing with your needs. We offer you a superb variety of services by medical majors and also a multidisciplinary approach to your health.
In addition to medical services, it also offers tourist services for you or your companion, from hotel accommodation, transfers, rent-a-car services to sightseeing of tourist attractions.


While the main objective of your trip is getting medical treatment, by choosing Croatia as your destination, you have also chosen the tourist experience that this country provides.
Croatia, beautiful Mediterranean country, has a lot to offer to its medical tourism’s customers – the coast of the Adriatic Sea that draws sighs, lots of islands and natural beauties but also attractive continental touristic offer. We’ll make a very precise arrangement so that your staying passes as comfortable as possible and that you can go back home with unforgettable memories. In this way, the medical procedure, will pass in a pleasant environment and will not dominate in the days of your trip.
A private medical practice in Croatia is at high, European, level. Medical schools in Croatia traditionally have a good reputation because they always produce doctors who will later mature in top experts in their specialties through practice and further education in environment of Western medicine’s high standards. Croatian doctors are regular participants of the congresses and other forms of training. They are also valued members of the international and European organizations which prove their high level of expertise in various fields of medicine. There are many successful doctors in your country as well, that are educated in Croatia.
Private medical institutions and hospitals in Croatia are equipped with the latest diagnostic technology and surgical equipment.
And while the tourist staffs receive guests with traditional hospitality, doctors and medical staff treat their patients with specific care so that time spent in the medical facilities passes in the most comfortable way.


Because our job is to provide you the best doctors, to organize and arrange all necessary examination, treatments or procedures and to provide you a world-class medical care in best-equipped private hospitals and clinics, all that according to your specific medical records. Furthermore, in the package we can arrange accommodation, all necessary transfers and also all additional activities that will fulfil and enrich your staying during your treatments.
What distinguishes us among others is a complete individual approach to you and to all your needs and desires. We are here for you throughout the whole process of treatment and upon completion of your treatment with just one goal – your total peace of mind and complete satisfaction with the services provided.
You just need to contact us and forward your wishes and then sit down and enjoy while we organize everything else for you.
Once you’ve chosen to give us that confidence, we will do absolutely everything to justify that trust!

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